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Ferryboat Musician

One does not simply become a ferryboat m

Ferryboat Music is mindset: a mindset of giving, of sharing, of letting go of pretense and just being in the moment.  Ferryboat Music establishes a unique relationship between the listener and the musician.  It is the difference between doing something to and doing something with.  Ferryboat Music does not have an audience—it has participants. 

Ferryboat Music is a web of relationships between the musicians, the music, the instruments, and the people choosing to be a part of the experience.  Ferryboat music is not merely a performance, it's an experience.  Ferryboat music connects us to a simple truth—that music is a part of life. 

Music too often comes from a box, produced by stars and celebrities—”gifted” to us mere mortals whose job it is to be awed, envious, impressed, and separated from the music by the stage, the lights, the glamour and the god-like status of the performers.  Ferryboat music breaks the Fourth Wall and all the walls that separate people from the music and from each other.

Transport yourself to magical world of music

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