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Outlaw musicians charm thousands and “pick” their way through college                                                   on pocket change.

Putting the interdisciplinary skills taught at The Evergreen State College to good use, two enterprising young men plied the waters of Puget Sound aboard Washington State Ferries playing their unique brand of acoustic music—Ferryboat Music.  These two Ferryboat Musicians—armed with a banjo, guitar, and fiddle—defied law, regulation, and convention as they exchanged their music for tips with the passengers and crew of the ferries.  They gained fans, friends and allies—even giving a banjo lesson to one of the captains!  Blue Water Bluegrass: The Ferryboat Musicians tells not just the story of the Ferryboat Musicians, but the stories of the people whose lives they touched with some interesting history thrown in for good measure.  Let this book take you back to a time before social distancing and extreme political partisanship—when we were all in the same boat and we enjoyed the ride.

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